Our Earth Friendly Ways
Independent Pet Supply tries to be as friendly as possible with our planet earth.

  •   Our company-owned vehicles are hybrids.
  •   All cardboard is recycled.
  •   We reuse packing boxes over and over.
  •   IPS cloth bags given out at Annual Open House
  •   All photocopy toner and printer ink cartridges are recycled
  •   All paper, bottles and cans are recycled.
  •   We have High Efficiency lighting.
  •   Sky lights used for the warehouse to allow natural light in. In order to use less electricity.
More Ways
submitted by Retailers
Here are some submissions by stores of how they operate in an 'earth friendly' way.

  • "All our break room food waste and paper towels are commercially composted through the Love Food Not Waste program with the City of Eugene."
    Submitted by Down To Earth Home, Garden And from Down To Earth in Eugene, OREGON
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